Visual Basic Special Interest Group


The Visual Basic SIG discusses application development and programming techniques Microsoft Visual Basic and the other Visual Studio tools. Join us as we explore Visual Studio.NET and the .NET Framework.

Meetings are held monthly on the first Wednesday at 7pm in the DACS Resource Center. Click here for directions.

The VB SIG is organized as part of the Danbury Area Computer Society (DACS). View the web site for current meeting information and the DACS Calendar for information on other SIG meetings.

SIG Leaders

Chuck Fizer

Jim Scheef

Chuck owns Infocom Corp. where he has developed Windows applications since Version 1.0 of Visual Basic. His "guru" knowledge of Windows and programming in general is an invaluable resource. Jim's company, Telemark Systems Inc., provides network and programming services to growing businesses in Western Connecticut.

Easy way to join the group - send a blank email to:
Or join the VB_DACS email list on Yahoo! Groups.
Full instructions to use the list are on Yahoo! Groups.

Visual Basic Resources

As we learn about resources, we'll add them here.

The fundamental resource for anyone using Microsoft development tools is MSDN - the Microsoft Developers Network. A small development shop cannot beat the value of the MSDN Universal Subscription. And I wish I was getting paid for putting this here...

  1. .NET Stuff
  2. Resources for VB6, Office VBA and Earlier Versions of VB 

Free and Reduced Cost Deals

Click here are some computer industry magazines and other deals that you may find interesting and helpful.

Disclaimer: Most of these links are a dump of the shortcuts I've saved over the last few years. Some may prove to be outdated and lead to unintended sites with unintended content. Please report any broken or bad links.

.NET Stuff

  1. Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
  2. ASPXpressway - SIG Member!! Fun stuff and some good links.
  3. .Net Developer - a Pinnacle Publishing newsletter
  4. GotDotNet - great resource
  5. ASPX - A directory of ASP.NET resources
  6. PRO Magazine

As you find .NET sites, let me know!

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VB6 and Earlier Versions

  1. Uncle Jim's - access tips main page
  2. Amundsen
  3. Beta-V Corp. - data access stuff
  4. Carl & Gary's Visual Basic Home Page
  5. Cary Prague Books and Software
  6. CodeHound - The Visual Basic Developer's Search Engine!
  7. HOWTO Upgrade Project to Use New VB6 Controls
  8. Karl E. Peterson's One-Stop Source Shop
  10. VB Helper Home
  11. VB Techniques Your Source for Active Server Pages Tips, Articles, Reviews, and more!
  12. VB2theMax
  13. vbCode Magician - Visual Basic Resources and Code Examples
  14. VBnet, The Visual Basic Developers Resource Centre

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