Server & Networking Special Interest Group

The Server & Networking SIG discusses how to use the Microsoft and GNU/Linux networking in a Windows environment. The SIG also deals with server-based application development using the Microsoft Back Office Server applications as well as other solutions. This is the SIG formerly known as Back Office.

In addition we cover Linux setup and configuration:

  • Red Hat Linux - the "standard" Linux distribution
  • PostreSQL - an Open Source Object-Relational database
  • SAMBA - the key to Windows integration
  • Linux networking - how IP networks work, DNS, DHCP, etc

Meetings are held monthly on the second Thursday at 7pm in the DACS Resource Center. Click here for directions.

The Back Office SIG is organized as part of the Danbury Area Computer Society (DACS). View the web site for current meeting information and the DACS Calendar for information on this and other SIG meetings.

SIG leader Jim Scheef has been in systems development since mainframes were leading edge and has been a DACS member since DOG became WC/MUG. Jim's company, Telemark Systems Inc., provides custom programming and network services to growing businesses in Western Connecticut.

Easy way to join the group - send a blank email to:
Or join the BackOffice_DACS email list on Yahoo! Groups.
Full instructions to use the list are on Yahoo! Groups.

Meeting Notes

2003 - January, February, March, April

2002 - December

Server (Back Office) Resources

As we learn about resources, we'll add them here.

  1. Helpful Win2K and NT
  2. SQL Server
  3. Exchange Server
  4. Linux related

Free and Reduced Cost Deals

Click here are some computer industry magazines and other deals that you may find interesting and helpful.

Disclaimer: Most of the links below are a dump of the shortcuts I've saved over the last few years. Some may prove to be outdated and lead to unintended sites with unintended content. Please report any broken or bad links.

Win2K and NT Resources

  1. BHS - The Windows NT Resource Center
  2. Interix
  3. - The Windows 2000 Resource Index
  4. Paperbits Support Center for Windows NT
  5. Performance Computing Magazine
  6. The Windows NT-2000-Specific Portal
  7. UltraBac Backup & Disaster Recovery for Windows NT from BEI Corporation
  8. UltraBac Help
  9. Windows IT Security - formerly
  10. Windows NT and Windows 2000 FAQ (formerly
  11. Windows NT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  12. Windows NT Magazine - NT Software & Hardware How-to Solutions & Reviews
  13. Windows NT Security
  14. Windows NT Tips, Tricks and Registry Hacks. J.
  15. Windows NT Workstation Home
  16. Windows-NT
  17. WindowsNT-Plus
  18. Winternals Software - Advanced System Tools
  19. Workstation NT Web Site
  20. World of Windows Networking
  21. Thin2000 Home
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SQL Server Resources

  1. - SQL Compare and other tools
  2. FMS, Inc. - Total SQL Analyzer, Total Access Analyzer
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Exchange Server Resources

  1. CDOLive - The Premier Resource for Microsoft Collaboration Data Objects
  2. Exchange Code Exchange Home
  3. Microsoft Outlook
  4. MSExchange.ORG
  5. Slipstick Systems Outlook & Exchange Solutions Center
  6. Windows 2000 Magazine Network - Exchange & Outlook

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Linux Related

  1. About Linux
  2. Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
  3. Andover.Net index
  4. Chilliware Home 
  5. - Resources for DHCP
  6. DisklessWorkstations.Com Catalog
  7. DOSEmu - For Linux
  8. Linux Documentation Project
  9. Linux Gazette Front Page
  10. Linux Home Page at Linux Online
  11. Linux Mall - Home Page
  12. Linux on Laptops
  13. Linux System Labs - The Price Busters!
  14. Linux Terminal Server Project
  15. Linux vs. NT Public Forum
  16. Linux-IT
  17. LinuxWorld - Putting Linux to Work
  18. Performance Computing Magazine
  19. S.u.S.E., Inc. - Innovations in Linux
  21. The K Desktop Environment
  22. The Linux Home Page at Linux Online
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